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  • Sunday, January 26, 2020

    The beauty look of the Giorgio Armani Private spring summer 2020 show

    The beauty look of the Giorgio Armani Private spring summer 2020 show

    It’s always during Fashion Weeks that we get our future make-up inspirations. And if there is one make-up that knew how to seduce us during Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Week, it is that of the Giorgio Armani Private fashion show. Fresh complexions, mouths to eat: this is all you need to remember to reproduce the beauty look of the Giorgio Armani Private fashion show.

    To avoid missteps in make-up, the must is to draw inspiration from trends identified on fashion shows.
    So let's focus on a make-up that appealed to us: that of Giorgio Armani Private.

    Spring summer 2020 makeup by Giorgio Armani Private

    Armani Beauty is innovative makeup, glamorous textures, luxurious settings that appeal to both makeup lovers and professionals.
    And because Armani is above all a fashion house, nothing more logical than using the make-up of the house to embellish the tops that parade on the catwalks.

    During Spring-Summer 2020 Haute Couture Fashion Week, Linda Cantello, international make-up artist of the house of Giorgio Armani, decided to present us with makeup looks in Armani's DNA. A palette of neutral tones and a style that is easily portable on a daily basis (something relatively rare during fashion shows…).

    So, we end up with an elegant collection as usual at Giorgio Armani, spruced up with a touch of neon pink on the lips (spring-summer season requires) to enhance the complexion worked in a very neutral way.
    Fresh and resolutely modern.

    This season again, makeup trends will give pride of place to natural style.

    How to achieve the beauty look of the Armani show?

    Who better than Linda Cantello to reveal the step by step of this makeup look?
    Complexion, eyes and mouth: she gives us her application tips and the choice of the right products for a Giorgio Armani make-up.

    To make up the complexion first, Linda recommends preparing the skin by massaging it with the Armani Prima Shiny Hydrating Balm. Let the cream penetrate before applying the base.
    Then use High Precision Touch-up on the areas of the face that need it to create a natural complexion while camouflaging redness and small imperfections.
    Then, use Neo Nude A-Contour (the foundation) and apply by contouring the cheekbones to sculpt and define the face.

    For eye makeup, the makeup artist recommends applying Eye Tint #23 "Camel Smoke" to the lids and blending in for a completely natural finish.
    Apply Eyes To Kill Classsico mascara in black - on the upper lashes only - emphasizing the outside corner.

    Finally, for mouth makeup, Linda Cantello recommends using Lip Maestro # 513 "pink" on the lips and finishing this look by tapping a little Lip Magnet # 515 "Pink" in the center of the lips to create an effect. three-dimensional.

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