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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    Young mother and entrepreneur: it's possible !

    Young mother and entrepreneur: it's possible !

    They gave life almost simultaneously to their children and their business project. How to lead everything together without grazing the burnout? Three entrepreneurial mothers decrypt the springs of their successful bet. 

    Monday, March 19, 2018, boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris. That morning, the appointment with this fashion designer was set at 10 o'clock. The interview begins, the young woman exposes her new collection, the concept of her stores. The words fuse, soon interrupted by small chirps quickly transformed into tears. Her 2-month-old daughter is with her in the office, and she is hungry. No question of waiting too long for this little being. Interview or not, it will be breastfeeding break! Marking his surprise would be unwelcome: in recent years, more and more women, pregnant or young mothers, embarked on entrepreneurship by loudly claiming their double cap. And if it detonates in a world still male (only 30% of companies in France are created by women), they chart their course, pursuing a more intimate ambition: to build a life that suits them.

    What motivates these young mothers to take the step of starting a business, at a time when others try to stand up every day? "They are driven by a strong need: to be able to organize as they wish," says China Lanzmann, leadership coach (author of the Women's Self-Coaching Guide, Pearson Edition, 2017). Because it is extremely painful, when you have just had a baby and you take care of it full time, not to see it suddenly because you have to go back to work. Becoming a mother also gives birth to the creative desire to accomplish the project that has been trotting in our minds for a long time."

    Avoid burnout

    The landing can be brutal. The young women interviewed for this survey bear witness to this: starting a business - a full-fledged child - does not mean more time for yourself or your family. Added to that the financial question: before paying correctly, sometimes it takes several years ... The first reflex can then be to ignore the nanny, the cleaning lady. To pick up the children yourself at school. An equation simply impossible. Hence the importance of providing a budget for help. And to be supported 200% by his entourage. Here again, all the women interviewed for this subject assure it, without the precious help of their spouse, they say, never they would have arrived there. Embracing the emotional roller coaster, the sacrifice of social life and the weight of responsibilities... Creating a business is a lifestyle choice that must be made to two.

    Especially as a young mother, one is physically exhausted, recalls China Lanzmann. "It is essential to find solutions to rest in order to avoid burn-out, this exhaustion of the body which does not come from work, as some think, but which puts itself on the work. "Sometimes I pull too much on the rope, adds Delphine Plisson, founder of the delicatessen restaurant La Maison Plisson in Paris. I have a reliable indicator: I wake up at night in those times. I respect this signal. I can then give myself massages or lunches with friends, time to climb the slope."

    "Eating well is imperative," says Lanzmann. Why not, even take naps or work lying down. Find the perfect setting: invest the kitchen table, immerse yourself in a coworking space or isolate yourself in a café... We have to test what suits us at the moment T and who, perhaps, does not will satisfy us more in three months, "says the coach. Give yourself the freedom to modify the famous limit between private and professional life.

    "The key to all these issues," says Lanzmann, "is to go free. To assume one's choices, to put an end to guilt. For example, you agree to leave your house upside down because it is not the priority. Or, to start up your business more slowly, because you have made the choice to go and get the children to school ... Creating a business means adopting an attitude, a new way of thinking. Say, "That's what suits me, to me. In all areas of my life."

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