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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    You do not know what... men are gossips !

    You do not know what... men are gossips !

    Women have been called "gossips" since the beginning of time. A stereotype that has just been undermined by a study conducted across the Channel, which reveals that men are much more contagious... 

    Would men be unable to keep a secret? Ninety-two percent say they're trusted, yet a study of more than 2,000 people revealed by the Daily Mail reports that men are real pipelettes. The proof, the lapse of time during which they manage to keep a secret... These gentlemen can only hold back 2h47 on average before unpacking what their friend or colleague has just confided to them. Women, they, hold 40 minutes more! It's not much you say, but if these 40 minutes change everything and turn the tide of female stereotypes, the men winning hands down the title of "gossips", a name that does not decline elsewhere not masculine...

    Not only do men not know how to keep a secret, but they also admit to sharing it with "at least five different people", especially their partner and their friends. In short, if you want something to know... talk to a man! Among the topics that they prefer to talk about: a friend's affair, a lie, a romance in the office or a pregnancy.

    "It's fascinating to see that for years women have been called gossips, stereotypes claiming they could not wait to unveil a juicy secret, but it's actually the modern man who is now the most "explains the spokesman of the distributor of the film The Fifth Power, the origin of the study on the occasion of its release on DVD:" Now, with easy access to Facebook, emails, text... it it's so much easier for them to divulge a secret when they hear it..."

    Ah men, what gossips!

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