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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    What makes men cry?

    What makes men cry?

    Male Internet users have agreed to confide in what really makes them tearful and their answers are often very touching. 

    Because the stereotypes that stifle our society and skew our vision of masculinity make crying, for a man, it is not manly and that these gentlemen find themselves today having to build an emotional armor to not to pass for "weak", the male chagrin (or happiness) remains a taboo subject (and therefore fascinating) that has in fact no place to be.
    Because crying is the real thing of the human being and not just the woman and that is not a shame, a Reddit user wanted to free the word of the Net surfers simply by asking: "Guys, what are you doing? what makes you cry? " The answers are not long in coming and are very touching, always honest. Here are a few

    "Seeing my father crying is the saddest thing I have ever seen."
    "When I made my request to my girlfriend, now my fiancee, I cried like a baby, she was so shocked that she only cried later in the day. to say so many things and all that came out before my tears is "I love you, do you want to marry me?"
    "As a young dad, everything makes me cry, absolutely everything, can not stop, it's a nightmare!"
    "As soon as my wife cries, it always affects me and I do not want her to cry alone, it makes me too sad."

    "Any father / son scene, my father died when I was little and it disturbs me a lot."
    "The fact that the person I loved most in the world left me for someone else."
    "When my grandmother died, I cried for days, she raised me and made me the man I am today, every time I think of her, I hold back my tears. And I annoy those who say that men do not cry! "
    "When I think of my daughter who will be born and how I will be for her the father I never had."

    The rebels and empathes

    "Cruelty combined with injustice."
    "When I see an elderly person alone and appreciate something simple because these people have lived for decades, they may be widowed and have no family, and they feel joy for something simple that represents a treasure for them, it makes me sad and I feel a lot of sympathy for them and I hope nothing will spoil this moment. "
    "The video of this deaf woman who hears her voice for the first time thanks to modern medicine, I cry every time I look at her."
    "Abused children."
    "When I think about the world we leave to future generations."
    "Seeing parents lose their child."

    Movie lovers

    "The beginning of the film Là-Haut."
    "When Simba finds Mufasa."
    "Wilson in Alone in the World."
    "The Fall of the Black Falcon, the Titanic of the guys."
    "When Forrest Gump asks if his son is like him."
    "When a dog dies in a movie, when people die it does not really touch me but, seriously, dogs that die it upset me."

    Because crying is human

    "Emotions, people say that men are not sensitive and emotional, but it's a p*** of lies and those who say otherwise are liars, we just do not express it the same way but we We are even more slaves of our emotions than girls, I cry, many, why, because I am happy, because I feel that I can get by, because I miss my country or because I have met a great girl and I'm in love, I'm crying because life is beautiful."

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