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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    Should men who love selfies be avoided?

    Should men who love selfies be avoided?

    On the net, selfies are raging. A practice that could reveal very strange aspects of the personality of the addicts of these self-portraits 2.0. 

    Today, social networks are real nests for selfies. It's a little over two years ago that this trend has appeared among stars before spreading to the entire planet. As we can often see, some people seem to have completely fallen in love with their own image and post an incredible amount of picture of themselves.

    But today, it may be that this movement is calm in men. Why ? Because a new study shows that followers of selfies share rather undesirable traits. Conducted by Ohio State University, this research surveyed 800 males between the ages of 18 and 40. They completed online questionnaires about their habits regarding their posts of photos on the net: the number of publications and if they were retouched. They also answered other questions to assess how much they felt about their physical appearance as well as their antisocial behaviors (such as lack of empathy and impulsivity, related to psychopathy). And the observation of the analysis of these data is more than surprising.

    Selfies, bad signs?

    After studying the results, it turned out that publishing a lot of photos was associated with narcissism and psychopathy. "It makes sense because psychopathy is characterized by impulsiveness. They will take the picture and put it online right away. They want to see each other and not spend time on retouching, "said Jesse Fox, one of the researchers. Indeed, individuals taking time to reframe or apply a filter to their photos have shown a high regard for their appearance, stronger than the appreciation of other positive traits of their person. "With the increasing use of social networks, everyone is concerned about their appearance. This means that this issue will become a bigger problem for men, as for women, "the scientist continued.

    Of course, the researchers pointed out that the male addicted to selfies was not completely crazy even if the character traits revealed were not very flattering.

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