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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    Young men who eat fat would be less likely to have children

    Young men who eat fat would be less likely to have children

    According to a recent study by Harvard University, the decline in male fertility in Western countries could be explained - among other things - by a diet too fat. Fast food and meat, to name a few, deteriorate the quality of sperm and reduce the possibility of creating spermatozoa. 

    At the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology held in Vienna (ESHRE), a study on male fertility was presented. Conducted by Harvard University, this study reveals that an unhealthy diet (too rich in sugar and fat) could compromise male fertility.
    "The number of spermatozoa has been declining in Western countries in recent decades and it is crucial to determine the risk factors that explain this.The drop in the number of sperms coincided with a decline in the quality of the diet." read in the study.

    To achieve this, the researchers observed four elements in Danish children aged 18 to 20 years, Futura-Sciences informs: "We evaluated the diet, sperm quality, reproductive hormones and lifestyle factors at home. 2,935 healthy Danish teenagers who underwent a mandatory medical examination to determine their fitness for military service between 2008 and 2017 "informs the research.

    These young people did not have the same eating habits. Indeed, some observed a so-called "Western" diet. Their plate is usually filled with foods rich in sugar, fat such as pizzas, chips or red meat. Still others had a "reasonable" diet. These young people eat mainly fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables. There is also the "Nordic" which some people love. It is made of dairy products, fish and whole grains. And to finish the vegetarian diet.

    "Dietary habits were identified by principal component analysis (PCA)," say the researchers, who measured testicular function "as conventional sperm quality parameters (sperm volume, sperm concentration, total number, percentages morphologically motile spermatozoa) and serum levels of reproductive hormones (LH, FSH, testosterone, Estradiol, SHBG, inhibin B). We used a multivariate quantile regression to estimate the association between eating habits and testicular function, "they report.

    You have to eat healthy

    Result? Researchers have found that men who eat fat, that is, the "Western" diet, have lower quality sperm than other men. Their sperm count was "on average 25.6 million lower than the number of men eating fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and other 'cautious' foods," CBS Boston quotes. the study.
    According to the Doctissimo website, sperm contains on average 100 million sperm per milliliter. "Below 15 million / ml the difficulties begin." informs the FIV website.

    Moreover, these men saw their Sertoli cells decrease. They are the ones that feed the future spermatozoa, says the site embryology. Once these cells are destroyed, they can not be restored, as explains Futura-sciences and this even if it is possible to change his eating habits and thus improve the quality of sperm.
    "Our results support the growing evidence that adherence to a generally healthy diet, including local variations, is associated with higher sperm counts and more favorable markers of sperm function. " concludes the study.

    This is not new. Not eating well damages male fertility. Several studies show it, but this one, for the first time, looked at young, healthy, non-elderly men with fertility problems. According to this study of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2017, the sperm count of men in Western countries has dropped by 50 to 60%. Food is not the only factor. Pollution, stress or even tobacco to name just that are to be taken into account.

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