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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    We found why your boyfriend is watching other girls

    We found why your boyfriend is watching other girls

    The looks of his men are lost when a pretty lady cross their path. We all have already caught our man in the act. Have you ever wondered why it is irresistible to admire the charm of other women? We found the answer. 

    According to the British Daily Mail, the reason why women who feel frustrated when their other half looks away is quite normal. This reflects their insecurity as well as their fear of being abandoned by the one they love. Of course, some push however the case a little far...

    Ladies, know that your man is looking at others is that the male is very sensitive to visual stimulation. This is why, unlike women, men can not resist when they see other girls. BUT, that does not mean that he does not love you anymore, or that he is looking for a new partner! It is simply a hormonal reaction in humans. For women, it's not the same thing. We do not feel attracted to any man who crosses our path. This increases this perception of being constantly compared to others. If one is afraid of being taken by one's darling, by another who is more attractive than oneself, it is necessarily because of lack of confidence.

    It is important to remember that, contrary to what is believed, science has shown that men do not memorize these images. That is to say that your boyfriend could see 1000 girls and in a few moments, he will not remember. In women, it's the opposite! When a man falls into the eye, we can think about him for days. The study in the Daily Mail newspaper also indicates that hundreds of photos of women who have crossed paths with a man could be shown, and he could hardly identify one. If a man looks at women, then, it's just because it's part of his nature. No need to be alarmed.

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