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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    To dress a very thin man, the rule is simple !

    To dress a very thin man, the rule is simple !

    If your man has a figure as thin as a twig, that it is not muscle, but he can stuff himself without taking a gram (unlike you!) Then read carefully the following article. Contrary to what one might think, it is not necessarily easy to dress very thin men. In the age of body builders and other metrosexuals, they do not always find their happiness in fashion. Do you feel concerned? Follow the guide !

    A style for every occasion

    A cool style

    To banish slims, shorts and other bermudas that bring out the little slender legs of our darling. We rather put on loose jeans with visible pockets, and why not, with big reasons to give a little body to this pace of youngster.
    For the top, it is quite possible to superimpose short sleeves on long sleeves and hooded jackets on turtlenecks: guaranteed volume!

    A casual style

    For those who can afford not to wear the suit in the office, the corduroy pants can give a nice style while giving the build, especially if it goes with a crewneck sweater. Another possibility is the lapel pants which can also help. Exit the V-necks that accentuate the thinness, and dig the cheeks.

    A class style

    For the fine gentlemen obliged to remain class in all circumstances, one will opt for a fitted outfit but especially without epaulettes otherwise the resemblance with an astronaut would be misleading. It is imperative that the suit is adjusted pile hair and that the fabric does not yawn under the arms and shoulders. The jacket too short is also to be avoided because it shortens the silhouette. On the other hand, do not hesitate to advise him a well-fitting pants at the back, because what's sexier than small buttocks molded in a suit!

    The mantle dilemma

    To envelop the whole, the ideal remains the coat three quarter, that is to say under the knee, or a peacoat. As for our friends round, we ban the jacket that gives a bibendum style to the latter and completely engulfs our man!

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