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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    Tips for helping toddlers sleep during heat wave

    Tips for helping toddlers sleep during heat wave

    Can I leave the window open? Can he sleep only with a diaper? Do I have to wake him up to give him water? The advice of Dr. Laure Abensur to bring a little freshness to your child and, thus, improve his nights... and yours! 

    It is as hot inside as outside. He turns and turns in his bed, gets upset and can not fall asleep. Some summer days, especially those of this week in the middle of a heat wave, are difficult to bear for the toddlers, and the beginnings of night are sometimes chaotic. To help the baby fall asleep, you have to lower your body temperature. But he is not able to regulate it alone.

    Refresh the room before bedtime

    The temperature of the nursery should ideally be 19 degrees. Ideally of course, because it was impossible to get this temperature during the heat wave we have known in recent days. During the summer heat, cool the room before bedtime. Close the shutters and windows in the morning as soon as the outside temperature begins to rise. In the evening, if the outside air is more breathable, open the windows and ventilate. If not, place a bottle of ice water in front of a fan.

    Avoid air conditioning and fan

    We bless the air conditioning. However, it dries the air and the mucous membranes. Babies need moist air to breathe properly. In addition, air conditioning can clog their nose, while they hardly breathe through the mouth. To moisten the air, let the clothes dry in his room for example. But avoid running a fan all night, even at low intensity. The child can catch cold and get cold.

    Use a mist

    To lower your child's body temperature, use a mist and spray the water away, preferably on your body rather than your head. You can also slightly moisten a washcloth - without soaking it - and pass it on your legs, arms and neck.

    Do not sleep in a layer

    If we tend to believe that he will have a better night if he only wears a diaper, it is better to sleep with at least one short-sleeved bodysuit. If he has only his bed, it could be cold during the night. Give preference to cotton clothing, which lets air through and absorbs perspiration. In hot weather, remember to remove the turbulette.

    Make him take a fresh bath

    If a tempered shower refreshes us and helps us sleep on summer evenings, it's the same for babies. To promote sleep, lower the temperature of the bath water by two degrees to 35 degrees. You can also exceptionally delay bedtime and take advantage of extra time to ventilate your room.

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