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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    Study reveals bald men would be more confident and attractive

    Study reveals bald men would be more confident and attractive

    If your spouse starts losing her pretty hair, do not panic. It is more than ever time to be bald and proud. In fact, a recent study shows that men who have lost money are considered to be more confident and attractive. Like what being bald is sometimes better than having hair. Come on, it's time to buy a lawnmower! 

    The hair may not be eternal. And that, most men of France and Navarre know it.
    Nightmare for some, haunting for others, the one that is called baldness is a phenomenon with which these gentlemen are rarely friends. Yet - even if you do not want baldness to your worst enemy - it seems that the latter has in fact very many benefits, or even that it brings more than a fully provided skull.

    Indeed, scientist Albert E. Mannes - a researcher in psychological and social personality science at the University of Pennsylvania - has conducted 3 studies to massively study baldness victims as well as their perception by ordinary mortals by showing to a group of women and men images of men with and without hair. The verdict is irrevocable: bald men would be considered more charismatic men, more masculine, taller, stronger and more confident. Just that.

    Albert E. Mannes then showed pictures of men with hair and the same men photoshoped without hair. Participants had to complete a questionnaire about what they thought of these men and also had to say which hairstyle was best for them and why. The conclusion is the same: the bald version wins hands down!

    However, an interesting observation deserves to be noted: partial baldness, or other lack of hair have a diametrically opposite effect. Only men who have the ball to zero are so successful. Gentlemen, you know what you have to do!

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