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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    In denouncing the toxic masculinity, Gillette attracts the wrath of men

    In denouncing the toxic masculinity, Gillette attracts the wrath of men

    In attacking the toxic masculinity, Gillette's latest ad campaign has not failed to make controversy. His position has not really pleased some people... 

    Gillette brand just to put the men back? In its latest advertising campaign, the famous American razor maker decided to tackle toxic masculinity and male stereotypes. A position that refers to the #MeToo movement and defends a change in society that involves changing behavior. Moreover, the brand has for the occasion decided to modify its traditional slogan by changing from "The best man can get" to "The best a man can be" ("The best a man can be"). "The best that a man can be"). To push men to change, this ad demonstrates how virility can take a toxic turn by staging a man who pretends to jump on the body of a woman as a prey, or by reproducing a clip of rappers where naked women appear with suggestive poses.

    On her website, Gillette explains, "As of today, we are committed to actively challenging stereotypes and expectations, and it is time to recognize that brands like ours have an influential role. that encourages men to become better, we have the responsibility to promote a positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy image of what a man is. " On YouTube, the video garnered more "I do not like" ratings than "I like" (225,000 vs. 26,000) and caused a lot of negative comments, with some claiming the brand is doing women's propaganda. This is the case of Piers Morgan, a British television host known for his sexist pique on social networks, he believes for example that Daniel Craig is emasculated because he walks his child in a baby carrier. Gillette razors, but this absurd moralizing bullshit may take me away from this business that feeds this pathetic global attack on masculinity. Let boys be boys, let men be men, shit then, "he said on Twitter.

    Encourage men to change

    To prove that men are good, the ad also includes excerpts from radio and TV newscasts about the consequences of the Harvey Weinstein affair and shows men acting: there are those who call their counterparts. male to order when they behave inappropriately towards women, one who separates a fight between little boys, and another who encourages his daughter to assert herself. "We will not go back, because we believe that man is good, that he can say good things, act well, some are already doing it, on their own scale. is not enough, because the boys who watch us today will be the men of tomorrow ", can we hear in the video.

    Gary Coombe, President of P & G Global Grooming, said in a statement: "Empowering one another, eliminating excuses for bad behavior and supporting a new generation that works hard in the hope of achieving 'its perfection', we have the power to create a crucial change in the coming years ". Kim Gehrig, the director of this commercial, was not chosen at random! Indeed, this is not the first time that she has imagined a campaign engaged in the fight against stereotypes about women and men. In 2015, she made a spot for Sport England, the public body promoting sports in the UK. In this ad titled "This Girl Can", the images of a woman typing in a soccer ball were accompanied by the following message: "You will have to recover".

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