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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    How to preserve your mental health during the menses

    How to preserve your mental health during the menses

    The period before and during menstruation may be accompanied by both physical and mental symptoms. If signs of malaise are still present at the same time of the month, it is time to put in place a prevention strategy based on self-care. 

    Sensitive chest, bloating, pain, acne, headache, constipation, abdominal cramps... the discomfort of the menstrual cycle is far from a pleasure. And unfortunately, they are not only physical. Women who suffer from PMS, or even its more severe form premenstrual dysphoric disorder, can go through a very dark period once a month.

    This feeling of malaise can take different forms: deep despair, sadness, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability or aggression, apathy, loss of control or a mood. changing. Involved, of course, hormones and sometimes additional psychological factors. The good news is that you can put strategies in place to preserve your mental health during this time.

    Follow his cycle

    If you do not know when your period will come, you may not understand what happens to you when you are crying on your desk. Note the date of arrival of the rules on a calendar, or use a smartphone app to calculate when you are in your cycle, helps to better prepare.

    To do yoga

    When you have your period, the last thing we want to do is play sports. Yet, physical activity is one of the most effective methods to relieve pain and reduce stress. A very gentle yoga session can work wonders for both the body and the head.

    To eat

    There may be a good reason if you still want chocolate during your period. According to studies by She Knows, dark chocolate helps regulate mood. Try to listen to your body to know what to eat, and remember to stay well hydrated. If a predominantly balanced diet will help you stay in shape and maintain your mental and physical health, a small gap from time to time can give you a boost.

    Doing good

    Spending a little more time taking care of yourself helps to maintain confidence and morale. Plan a pampering party in front of your favorite film or series, make a scrub, mask and prepare your favorite herbal tea. And why not propose to a friend to share this moment of relaxation?

    Accept emotions

    We often tend to bury negative emotions such as anger, sadness or fear. They are, however, part of life and are just as normal as emotions perceived as positive. Do not try to fight your feelings of melancholy or distress, but learn to accept it. Keeping a diary to express what you are feeling and, why not, giving advice on a month-to-month basis, can help you avoid this period.

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