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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    Go to bed without finishing homework?

    Go to bed without finishing homework?

    Some parents are furious. A Chinese province wants to force them to send their child to bed before 10 pm, even if they have not finished their homework...

    Zhejiang Province's proposal for a directive has sparked a national controversy in a country where children are often overloaded with school work, supplemented by private lessons and activities of all kinds.

    Objective: to get his baccalaureate and entrance ticket to the best universities in the country, where the education system is ultra-competitive.

    To fight against more and more homework, Zhejiang therefore proposed Monday to invite parents to send their offspring to bed at 9 pm if he is a schoolboy, and at 10 pm if he is in college, even if the homework is not finished.

    The provincial action plan, which has not yet come into effect, also calls on parents to "avoid competing with others" and to end private lessons over weekends and holidays.

    The idea provokes an outcry from parents who say they fear that their child will find himself at a disadvantage in his schooling.

    "I am against: it will disempower the children from an early age," storms a surfer on the social network Weibo.

    It's ridiculous. Does the country still have a future? Wonders another.

    The very official People's Daily, organ of the ruling Communist Party, thought it best to intervene in the debate.

    "Very few parents want their children to be overworked," the paper said, but at the same time "having excellent academic results is essential for your baccalaureate and then succeeding in a competitive environment."

    Other parents, however, approve of the provincial initiative.

    "Let the children live their childhood and be happy," wrote a user.

    "I do not want my daughter to be a machine to do homework," implores another.

    The English language daily China Daily reports that the real issue is a reform of the baccalaureate, so that the exam is no longer "the alpha and the omega of the future of children".

    "Rather than tackling a symptom, comprehensive education reform is needed to treat the disease and ensure that children have a happy childhood without spending time studying," the paper said.

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