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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    After age 85, women would be happier than men

    After age 85, women would be happier than men

    Should we wait until the end of his life to be happy? According to a recent English study, women would be happier at the age of 85, after the death of their husbands. It's the science that says it! 

    The older the women, the happier they are? According to an English study conducted by the National Health Service (UK public health system): throughout their lives, women would be more depressed than their husbands. Except after 85 years and the death of the latter where they say they are happier.

    To arrive at this sad conclusion, 8,000 subjects were surveyed on happiness, depression, sleep, anxiety and self-confidence. As a result, there is a gap between the feeling of well-being in men and women. The latter are generally more depressed than men. Finally, only until age 85, age from which the trend reverses.

    As the Independent reports, "Among 45-54-year-olds, 24% of women say they suffer from mood disorders, such as depression, compared to 16 to 18% of men".

    Kate Lovett, a psychiatrist at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, justifies this gap by the sum of domestic responsibilities still largely supported by women. These tasks diminish when children are older and husbands are dead.

    "By age 85, these problems would affect more than 14% of women against 19% of men" says the report.
    The reason ? To explain this gap, the Times argues the probable widowhood of octogenarian women. Interviewed by the same media, psychiatrist Kate Lovett explores a second track: the weight of domestic responsibilities on mental health. These responsibilities diminish with age when children leave home, for example.

    What to confirm once again the mental burden that weighs on women.

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