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  • Sunday, December 1, 2019

    5 good actions to reduce the risk of breast cancer

    5 good actions to reduce the risk of breast cancer

    While there is no quick way to reduce the risk of breast cancer, there are lifestyle changes that can help put you at risk. Alcohol, exercise, diet, smoking and hormonal therapies are in sight. 

    Despite a slight decrease observed since 2015, breast cancer remains the most frequently observed cancer among women in France, the European Union and the United States. In 2015, more than 54,000 cases were diagnosed in France, resulting in the death of around 12,000 people. However, when it is detected at an early stage, the survival rate in the next five years is estimated at 99% by the National Cancer Institute.

    According to health professionals, some lifestyle changes could further reduce the number of cases. Although there is no single or definitive way to prevent cancer, here are some ways to do it.

    Limit alcohol

    Regular alcohol consumption is associated with at least seven different types of cancer, and the link between alcohol and breast cancer is particularly important. This is probably due to the fact that alcohol increases estrogen levels. For women, it is recommended not to exceed one drink per day. But a 2015 study, quoted by Time, indicates that a single drink already increases by 13% the risk of developing cancer, especially breast cancer.


    Research shows that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Exercise reduces inflammation, improves the immune system and lowers body fat, which is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. About 300 minutes of physical activity per week is ideal for breast cancer prevention, according to researchers from a JAMA Oncology study conducted in 2015.

    Eat healthy

    A diet rich in fiber helps digestion, better manage bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of overweight and obesity. According to a 2016 study, women who consume three daily servings in their teens reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in adults by 25% compared to those who consume less. A low-fat diet would also be linked to a lower cancer risk.

    Give up smoking

    Smoking is generally associated with lung cancer, but some research suggests that carcinogens in cigarettes may increase the risk of developing other types of illness, including breast cancer. This risk would be particularly high for people who start smoking early in life.

    Avoid hormones

    At the time of menopause, hormone replacement therapy can replace the lack of hormones and thus relieve symptoms such as hot flushes and fatigue. But studies have also shown that it can increase the risk of breast cancer. Discuss with your doctor to find the best solution.

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