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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Towards unisex but not sexless fashion

    Towards unisex but not sexless fashion

    In fashion, as in cosmetics or perfumes, the trend is towards the fluidity of genres, with mixed products that break free from gender norms. 

    Exit the pink for girls and the blue for boys! Generation Z wants to free itself from all kinds by advocating the "gender fluid". If more and more gentlemen put anti-aging cream and wear powdery colors, they do not want to draw in brands too gendered, even narrow. From there to abolish the boundaries between masculine and feminine? The idea makes its way, while marks rush into the gap. More and more emancipate themselves from the binary system which consisted of bringing their products into a predefined male or female category. In the fashion sector, this mix of genres is also called "co-ed", a nod to the English term that determines coeducational schools. Beyond being a trend, the "good chic good kind" is also a real business.

    The cosmeto that makes Wow!

    Wow this cream really works! is a cream made in Switzerland that claims loudly its side "gender fluid". A novelty in the ultra-normed industry of cosmetics. It was created by Austin Nagel, a good-looking American based in Tokyo, who discovered the virtues of certain plants in Japan.

    This concentrate of active ingredients, natural antioxidants and peptides (16 plant extracts make up its formula) with a light texture penetrates rapidly into the layers of the epidermis and is quickly forgotten. And as this cream is at the same time anti-aging, serum, day cream and night cream, it appeals as well to the hurry gentlemen who do not want to spend too much time in the bathroom, as to the ladies, who live at 100 per hour and are anxious to limit their beauty routine to the essentials.

    The prowess of the kind of Francis Kurkdjian

    The great perfumer Francis Kurkdjian lent himself to a confusing composition exercise. With Gentle Fluidity, it jostles the rules of the creation of a perfume, while being a pioneer, in the trend of the moment. His stroke of genius? To propose two eau de parfum with decidedly different olfactory universes (one aromatic-woody for one and one oriental-musky for the other) starting from the same ingredients.

    But the perfumer breaks the codes and goes far beyond the fundamentals of perfume for men or women. "There are no more feminine or masculine. There is a personality, a sensitivity, a "Gentle Fluidity" between all gender identities, "confirms the perfumer, who, with the same notes, creates two distinct identities, just to twist the neck to the standard of a perfume that must necessarily enter a box.

    CK All, the fragrance for all

    In recent years, the American Calvin Klein blurs the tracks on the unisex side of his perfumes. His latest fragrance called CK All is, as the name suggests, "for all". He thus celebrates all personalities, all styles and wants to be like a new era with infinite possibilities. It is no coincidence that the brand has chosen, once is not customary, not to take a muse, to drive the point of its universality, a strong value for the brand.

    One DNA, unisex fashion

    Same story in the fashion industry. We are staying in New York where One DNA has been launched. This independent brand has the will to break the boundaries between the male and female wardrobe, without sacrificing style.

    A sharp wardrobe that goes from the pink workwear jacket, to the shirt hemmed with feathers, through the fluid pants and belted that should seduce businesswomen as well as stylish businessmen.

    Sébline, the majestic shirt

    This shirt brand was designed by Charles Sébline, a little Frenchie by the prestigious London design and fashion school Central Saint Martins. Before setting up his own brand, he started at Saint Laurent and co-created the ultra-feminine blouses Hamilton.

    Each season, Sébline designs shirts with cuts tailored to fit both male and female busts. The details of his liquets are neat and the materials cleverly sourced. We love the wide striped poplin, signature of the brand.

    Play it like Fendi

    The luxury brand Romaine launches next month, a model of unisex sneaker with strong personality. Called Fendi FFLUID, they sport a strong style and assumed curves, breaking with an XXL sole. With their modern and original design, millennials should quickly succumb.

    COS blurs the tracks

    Brands like Gucci or Vivienne Westwood have always played the card of androgyny with strongly mixed collections. In the London-based COS (acronym for Collection of Style), the high-end sister of the giant H & M, we also focus on the gender trend, gently, but surely. In stores, the border between men's and women's departments is becoming thinner. Some carriers even have men's and women's clothing.

    "I do not know if the target has evolved, but our clientele is quite loyal. The man who buys from us has tastes that have changed and a new way of shopping. Men and women buy crosswise. We do not make unisex collections, but in some shops, men's and women's creations are mixed. Anyway, we have a rather androgynous masculine fashion ", explains Christophe Copin, in charge of drawing the masculine lines of the house. "We identify a larger person and it works well, because we realize that there is no restriction in the colors and that we can propose for men as for women, pink, gray, sky blue or burgundy. But we try to limit the palette in order to remain as consistent as possible, "concludes this adept of fashion for touts.

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