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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Roger Dubuis: the Excalibur is wearing carbon

    Roger Dubuis: the Excalibur is wearing carbon

    The Swiss manufacturer has recently unveiled a new watchmaking opus of its Excalibur that combines high-tech material and complications. 

    In July, Roger Dubuis unveiled a reinterpretation of his iconic Excalibur, in a version dubbed "Knight of the Round Table IV". A timepiece celebrating the legend of Excalibur and King Arthur with a solid 45mm pink gold case. From now on, the Swiss firm continues its work in the contemporary Haute Horlogerie by presenting a carbon Excalibur Spider Unique Series with two complications: a minute repeater and a star-shaped flying tourbillon. Everything is housed in a carbon box with a matching bezel and flange.

    Roger Dubuis returns to his past

    Unveiled in 2005, the Excalibur watch has gradually become one of the most emblematic models of the young Helvetian watchmaking company. Based on the know-how of the watchmaker and the imagination of the designer Carlos Dias, the avant-garde timepiece has diversified with a range of more than twenty-five models such as the tourbillon, whirlwind and tourbillon version. automatic steering wheel or flying tourbillon skeleton. In November, Roger Dubuis revives his past with his new Excalibur. Indeed, among the first calibres launched by the brand in 1997, the minute repeater was the first watch in the Excalibur collection, launched in 2005. For the laymen of haute horlogerie, an explanation is needed. The minute repetition, invented in the eighteenth century, is a complication of a watch capable of ringing the hours, quarters and minutes through an alternation of bass and treble sound with two hammers tapping on two stamps.

    Roger Dubuis combines this ancestral mechanism with state-of-the-art technology. The complications are inserted in a solid SMC carbon box 47 mm wide. An unconventional material that is very suitable for minute repetition, being very light and offering great mechanical strength. As for the mechanism, the timepiece is powered by an RD107 automatic caliber with two micro-rotors with a comfortable 72-hour power reserve. Finally, the watch has three clearly visible elements: an indicator that allows the watch to be observed when the mechanism is moving, a second indicator showing the position of the crown (winding or adjustment) and finally the security of the ring which indicates if the pusher is in place to release the mechanism.

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