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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Mesh to warm up his autumn look

    Mesh to warm up his autumn look

    The mercury has dropped and doubt is no longer allowed, the summer is behind us... Find our favorite sweaters spotted on the site LuisaViaRoma to face the cold without losing its sense of fashion! 

    We would almost regret the heat wave... The rain is back and the temperatures are down. In the office, the first colds are heard but especially you have stored your sunglasses and tank to the bottom of the closet. The season is that of sweaters. And to think about it, the idea could seduce us. Curl up in a soft sweater to face the greyness, to tell the truth, we say yes! Always looking for the rare pearl to feel good? Do not panic, we have studied the question and here are our pieces found on the site LuisaViaRoma.

    We put on the color

    As a sign of rebellion or because you are an eternal optimist, it does not matter, you set your sights on pieces of color and you're right! Pink, yellow, green ... There is something for everyone this season. The goal ? Achieve to bring out the sunglasses to your colleague so much you radiate. We love the models from Givenchy or from Balenciaga. Wear them with jeans or tuxedos. We also like to wear it with a wool midi skirt for a look BCBG, very fashionable.

    The turtleneck is making a comeback

    Another star of the season, the turtleneck. A little loose like at Ambush or close to the body as at Moncler. In color or black, a classic that has not aged. There too, we wear it with what we want: pants, skirt and even under a dress! Side accessories, we put on earrings or an XXL bracelet. The twist mode? The assemble with cowboy boots, essential shoes of the season, for a modern look.

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