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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    What care, makeup and massages against dark circles and puffiness?

    What care, makeup and massages against dark circles and puffiness?

    Before using injections, peels or surgery to correct dark circles and puffiness, it is better to start by treating the eye area with cosmetics specifically formulated for this area, makeup, and adopt the right massage gestures.

    While dark circles are different from pockets, they are rooted in common phenomena, and care deals with both issues in a similar way. Our experts explain how.

    Choose your Eye Care

    Cosmetic treatments that correct dark circles and puffiness are draining with plant active ingredients such as horse chestnut. As fat accumulation is a common phenomenon under the eyes, antipocket care contains caffeine, the most classic anti-fat active. It also contains hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizer. Finally, there are assets like blueberry extract, with soothing properties. For results, this care should be applied at least once a day.

    Make-up: the best answer to dark circles

    While cosmetic treatments are of course useful for treating the ring by stimulating cutaneous microcirculation and exchanges, makeup remains the most effective for concealing dark circles. Here are the tips of Carole Colombani, makeup artist Gemey Maybelline.

    • For blue circles: they are blurred with an illuminator brush. "The idea is to forget them with a touch of light. Place three dots of material under the eye and tap your finger to penetrate. Choose a slightly lighter shade: "Not two shades lighter, the risk is to see a white mask appear around the eyes. "
    • For brown circles: "I propose a makeup in two steps. Put a drop of care on the back of the hand, add a drop of corrector Concealer a little thick, mix and apply all around the eye as an eye care. Let it penetrate. Then make up with three small correction points and apply to the finger or brush. Avoid the smoky eyes in blue gray tones, too close to the color of dark circles. Choose a pencil or blush instead, avoid the powdery shades that spin in dark circles and accentuate them. Prefer light tones, beige. "Especially do not zap the mascara on the upper lashes, and take a lengthening mascara by stretching well on the outer lashes."

    Limit the pockets: the right actions

    There are pockets due to lymph accumulation, and those that are filled with fat. In fact, the two cases can be confused: "When there is accumulation of lymphatic fluid, it leads to more or less long term accumulation of fat," says Odile Vilain, beautician and physiotherapist.

    1. Gently press the point inside the inner corner of the eye, up and down. "I call it the cleaning of the eyes, a simple gesture that serves to revive the circulation."
    2. Then start from the inside corner, go over and under the eye, go to the temple, go down the ears, go to the neck. To do every day, 10 times in a row to get results. The pressures must be close together, to make a line without stopping. "Do not press hard, no harder than touching the screen of your smartphone. You have to make points, not touches, "says Odile Vilain.

    The massage gestures to alleviate puffiness and dark circles are much the same. "For this area, I choose to bring dynamism. Do not just lymphatic drainage, but stimulate all tissues, "says Odile Vilain.

    Minimal corrector to hide the pockets

    For Carole Colombani, the camouflage of the pocket must be much lighter than that of the ring, at the risk of seeing only that. She explains: "I put concealer but much less than on a ring, always by posing three small dots of products and patting on the finger. The pocket tends to shine and take the light. It is necessary to matify the pocket with a very fine powder like free powder, and to avoid all the textures of satin shades."

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