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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Wax, razor or electric epilator: what hair removal to choose?

    Wax, razor or electric epilator: what hair removal to choose?

    Although permanent hair removal is a trend, traditional techniques are good. Hot wax, warm wax, cold wax, oriental wax, razor, electric epilator, depilatory cream: each method of hair removal has its advantages and disadvantages. Make your choice for! 

    Have clean legs and limit as much as possible the regrowth of hair: this is what every woman is looking for. Comparative of classical hair removal techniques.

    Hot wax: for a long lasting effect

    Hot wax is the most effective solution for hair removal. The principle ? After heating the wax in a bain-marie or microwave, you apply it on the legs using a spatula or a "roll-on", an electrical device that keeps the wax at temperature constant. Once the wax no longer sticks to the fingers, you tear it dry in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

    The heat dilates the pores well, the hair is removed at its root, and the skin is clean for at least three weeks.

    The inconvenients ? It is to proscribe in women suffering from circulatory problems (varicose veins, heavy legs...) and requires a certain vigilance not to get burned. The ideal: to be waxed in institute!

    Warm wax: for sensitive legs

    The warm, resin-based wax is, as its name suggests, just lukewarm before being spread in a thin layer on the skin. It is removed immediately after application without drying time.

    Disadvantage ? Less "traumatic" for the legs than hot wax, it is also less efficient in terms of hair removal.

    Oriental wax: for the followers of "natural"

    Oriental wax is based on sugar, water and honey and lemon (you can make it yourself!). It is applied in a teddy ball on the legs.

    The inconvenients ? If it does not irritate the skin, this hair removal is a little painful and involves a sufficient length of the hair so that the wax adheres to it. A hair removal that also requires ancestral know-how!

    Cold wax: if you have traffic problems

    Convenient and fast, cold waxing (which is applied in pre-cut strips) is well suited for sensitive legs with blood circulation problems.

    Disadvantage ? It is less effective for small hair and the result sometimes lacks sharpness.

    The electric epilator, to avoid on sensitive areas

    Like wax, it picks the hair at its root, decreasing the time of regrowth.

    Disadvantage ? A hair removal easy to achieve, but that can be a little painful... A disadvised to comforters and sensitive areas!

    The razor, the fastest hair removal solution

    The razor is still the fastest solution and easy to use. Moreover, it is absolutely painless!

    Disadvantage ? He just cut the hair that grows back after 2 days... and with more vigor! To book so for emergencies, alterations and avoid for the face.

    The depilatory cream: it dissolves the hair

    She dissolves the hair. Regrowth occurs in principle after 5 or 6 days. It is also suitable for all parts of the body and leaves the skin soft.

    Disadvantage ? Its sulfur smell, more or less pronounced, can be embarrassing.

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