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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Sensitive skin: Gentle gestures to protect your face from cold

    Sensitive skin: Gentle gestures to protect your face from cold

    A face that reacts to the slightest aggression can quickly become uncomfortable (redness, tightness, scars...). The best winter care for sensitive skin is hypoallergenic, with the fewest possible ingredients. 

    Sensitive skin will never become normal skin, but with proper care, it will learn to react less, especially cold.

    Against redness of the face

    The right move: limit the number of products. Often, reddened skin is "treated" like dry skin, and is offered ultra-light creams. However, it is better to have a suitable texture than many badly chosen products.

    How to use: "You can very well be satisfied with a moisturizing serum to soothe your skin," explains Katerina Snizhko. On condition to answer the call when she needs more nutrition. And in this case, the good gesture may be to apply a mask nourishing the evening, thin layer on the face, to let lay all night. "

    In the day, to camouflage and treat at the same time, BB and CC creams are perfectly suited. Then just a light powder to unify, and voila.

    Against the couperose

    The right gesture: choose a specific skincare cream, as required by the dermatologist. Then, it is at the level of make-up that the choice is delicate: it must be chosen formulated hypoallergenic. If redness is installed or disabling, covering foundations may be advised.

    Their advantage: if they are tested hypoallergenic is that they must be suitable for potentially injured skin, which may be the case for rosacea. Thus, for skin prone to rosacea, always sensitive, they are perfect because very well tolerated and very covering. However, we know how important it is to be able to control its redness and hide it from a social point of view.

    Instructions for use: a covering foundation applies as a corrector, by touch, tapping gently.

    Against scabs

    The right gesture: discover the dressings gestures. These small accumulations of dead cells on the surface of the skin are mysterious. Young people are more prone to it, and they mostly touch the face. Even if care is of course advised to fade, they disappear spontaneously.

    Instructions for use: to fade, gently erase the scurf with a little soft face scrub, with the fingertips.

    Then apply, locally, a touch of rich texture like cold-cream, as if you were doing a mini-mask. Preferably in the evening to have a smooth skin in the morning.

    Against the discomfort of the skin in winter

    The right gesture: opt for the "anti-cutch" diet. For a skin to be comfortable, it needs water but also lipids, in other words fat. Do not neglect, in his plate, foods rich in essential fatty acids.

    How to use: consume fatty fish (mackerel...), nuts, and at each meal the equivalent of 2 tbsp. to s. an oil rich in omega-3.

    If your skin is dry and sensitive

    The right move: zoom on the stars assets. To protect dry skin with a "screen" texture, several types of ingredients are possible.

    Among these mineral ingredients, one thus finds liquid petrolatum (paraffinum liquidum or paraffinum solidum) or ozokerite for example.

    Among the so-called natural assets that are recommended for sensitive skin, there is shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil (which is actually a butter), waxes...

    If your skin is reactive

    The right gesture: do not use scented creams. Those with sensitive and reactive skin will be careful not to apply scented products.

    Fragrances are not the only ingredients that thrill sensitive skin. Other ingredients to avoid include alcohol, but also propylene glycol, butylene glycol, cocamidopropyl betaine, resorcinol, trichloroacetic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids (the famous fruits). These ingredients are not necessarily banned, but in the case of sensitive skin, they must be avoided. Take the example of fruit acids: even if they are perfectly natural, their action consists in exfoliating the skin; they are therefore intrinsically irritating.

    Against cracking

    The right gesture: apply lip balm at will. The skin of the lips is devoid of sebaceous glands, and it needs to be protected. All naturally fatty ingredients are recommended: shea butter, coconut butter, apricot oil...

    On the other hand, the skin of the face can be dry or mixed even fat. Objective: nourish the lips without causing black dots on the contours.

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