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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    Our clever guide to take care of our eyes

    Our clever guide to take care of our eyes

    The epidermis around the eyes is 4 times more fragile than the rest of our face. To take care of it, one hydrates, one activates the micro-circulation and one smiles as much as possible.

    It is in the corner of the eye that the first wrinkles appear. Nothing disturbing, it is here that the skin is the finest, the most fragile. You would say that to keep a glowing look, do not smile but it would be a mistake.

    Working the area by squinting helps to activate the circulation of the lymph. Care with cornflower water can soothe the eye contour. Leave the bottle in the refrigerator for an icicle effect.

    You can also think of offering a detox cure, twice a year based on black radish and artichoke. A real cleansing for the liver and skin!

    A specific makeup remover for the eyes

    Since the skin is thinner, it must be removed gently, without trace alcohol. Classic make-up removers are not enough to eliminate traces of mascara, it's even more difficult with waterproof makeup. The idea is to choose a two-phase formula that contains water and oil for gentle cleaning.

    Our eyes can also be irritated by the pollution, the smoke ... Always keep pods of physiological serum, useful to soothe or in case of cold when the eyes tingle.

    Hunting dark circles and pockets

    Bad lymphatic circulation or sagging skin, we know the origin of these small inconveniences that we try to hide. There is no magic wand, other than photo editing software! Think of gestures that soothe, by massaging the center of the eye very slightly towards the outside, drain and chase the toxins accumulated under the eyes. Then apply a concealer, check that it is well enriched with vitamin E antioxidant. Avoid choosing a too bright color and do not forget to hide the outer corner of the eye for a beautiful harmony.

    Against the pockets, do not hesitate to put a mask, you place it in the freezer for more efficiency. Care containing assets such as arnica or horse chestnut are also very effective.

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