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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    My child does not like school

    My child does not like school

    One month after the start of school, some children are already showing disappointment or fear in school. It is important to pay attention to all the signs in order to provide the appropriate help.

    Your child is afraid

    A child who does not want to go to school is not necessarily in a whim. There are several reasons that can demotivate or distress him, starting with separation from his parents.

    Indeed, at age three, as later, the child may feel lost. After spending all summer vacations with the family, going to school can be seen as a way to get rid of him. This is all the more difficult when younger siblings are still at home. The guilt shown by some parents accentuates this feeling of abandonment, which is why we must react positively.

    For example, you can imagine a ritual, evoking the different things he can do today, drawing in the hollow of his wrist and yours a little heart that he can look at when he feels lonely. Also avoid shipping the moment you drop him at school, take the time to reassure him.

    Your child is not motivated

    Some children quickly feel a sense of inferiority in school. A mistake in class, a remark, a jostling and it's all their motivation that disappears. That he used to stay with other children (nursery and nannies) does not change anything, the self-esteem is still in full construction. The first few weeks of school help pinpoint the problem and it's up to you to help find your place. Your role, relativize! Push him to tell you what's wrong, do not make fun of his reasons and try to reassure him. Do not forget to remind him that you are proud of the great child he is becoming and that you will always be there.

    The pace of schooling is also difficult to live with when one is small, especially when one has not used to get up every morning at the same time, or that a few weeks ago the nap still lasted 3 hours. Know that it is possible for some time to adapt his schedule at his own pace. Some children go to school only in the morning, for example.

    Respect the rules, be wise, all that can be learned, do not be too demanding. Remember to remind him of all the good things about school, but do not overdo it. The child will also appreciate being understood, tell him that the days are sometimes long, but that this feeling goes through friends or fun activities is a good solution!

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