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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Meghan Markle, most influential fashion personality of the year?

    Meghan Markle, most influential fashion personality of the year?

    Since joining the British family, the Duchess of Sussex has been the center of attention. According to the global fashion research platform Lyst, the former actress would be the most influential fashionista of the year. Explanations. 

    Dresses, bibs, shoes... Between diplomatic trips and other official events, the life of Meghan Markle looks like a giant parade. The least of his outings is scrutinized, hulled, analyzed. And the marks of her clothes and accessories to be immediately identified to allow those who follow her to imitate her style. An influence confirmed by the global fashion research platform Lyst.

    In a report on trends, the Duchess of Sussex was named "trendsetteuse" of the year ahead Timothée Chalamet (2nd), Zendaya (3rd) or Kylie Jenner (7th) - who was at the top of the top 10 in 2018. A ranking determined according to several criteria: the highest increases in internet searches, sales of coins, media coverage and mentions on social networks in the last twelve months.

    A numerical influence

    In 2019, Meghan Markle outfits generated an average 216% increase in searches for similar pieces. For example, Lyst evokes the five dress-shirts worn by the ex-actress during her trip with Harry to South Africa. This category of clothing was searched 45% more than normal in one month. One of his signed Club Monaco dresses was also out of stock in one day with a peak of 570% interest in the piece.

    In the eleventh position in the Daily Mail rankings, Kate Middleton confirms that the British royal family has been able to evolve its wardrobe to more modernity. A fashion influence that reminds us of Lady Di, undeniable queen of style.

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