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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    How to take care of your hair in autumn

    How to take care of your hair in autumn

    Brittle, dull, the hair is not in top form after the hot season. Some tips and care to adopt to limit their fall, revive their shine and strengthen them. 

    The leaves fall from the trees, and the hair seems to adopt the same ritual in October. Dull color, non-existent volume, frizz, breaks ... their sad appearance seems to regret summer. Do not panic, you can take action to make them smile!

    Stop hair loss

    If the extent of the phenomenon varies from person to person, we lose more hair at the beginning of the colder seasons than usual, and our hair loss loses speed of growth, and mass. Several factors influence this phenomenon: the hormones, the change of temperatures, the consequences of the sun, the sea and the heat of the summer... To limit this one-off fall, consider boosting your hair with a course of hair food supplements (amino acids sulfur, zinc, vitamins of group B, yeast of beer). Ask your pharmacist for advice.

    You can also opt for the pungent nettle, the reference plant against hair loss. Caroline Gayet, dietitian and phytotherapist, explains on video how to use it.

    If hair loss persists for more than a month, consult a hair specialist or dermatologist. A lack of iron can indeed be involved in case of chronic hair loss.

    Revive the color

    If your hair is dull, why not help them regain some sparkle by asking your hairdresser to revive the color? If you have a natural color, you can use a dye of a slightly lighter degree to shade and brighten your hair.

    Feeding her hair at home

    Autumn is the perfect opportunity to offer a beauty mask to the hair. You can prepare a homemade egg yolk recipe, a yogurt (plain) and two tablespoons of oil (olive, sweet almond, shea, coconut, avocado, or argan). Apply on the dry lengths, leave for 30 minutes, then make your usual shampoo.

    Styling without damaging

    Unless you like stalactites on your head and colds when you wake up, it is strongly recommended to dry your hair when the days are cool. If you're a fan of natural-effect brushing, there are solutions. Make your shampoo in the evening before going to bed, rinse with warm water so as not to attack, and dry them 90%, so that they remain slightly wet. Then choose a hairstyle like a bun or braid with which you get to sleep. In the morning, remove the rubber bands, adjust the ripples with your fingers or with a little blow of the dryer, and enjoy the result!

    To proscribe: anything that can damage your hair such as straightening or smoothing too frequent.

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