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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    How to clean a child's face?

    How to clean a child's face?

    Water, soap, toilet milk, with a wipe, a cotton... How to clean the face of his baby or child larger. The advice of Marylise Arizzoli, nursery director nursery. 

    Whether in infants or larger children, the face cleans itself as naturally as possible.

    What to clean the face?

    Only products that rinse like soap are used. So we avoid cleaning milk without rinsing, wipes that contain chemicals...

    In a baby, the easiest way is to use a cotton with tap water or water from a fogger.

    In infants: the right actions to clean eyes, ears

    We go around the face starting with the forehead, then the nose and the wings of the nose, the cheeks and the chin.

    For the eyes, we clean the inside of the eye to the outside, from the dirtiest to the cleanest, and not to block the tear duct. It is also thought to take a different cotton for each eye, to avoid the transmission of microbes from one eye to another.

    For the ears, you can enjoy the baby bath to clean them because they are already wet! Before the bath, to avoid having to let go of the baby in the bathtub, we roll, for each ear, a small piece of cotton in order to make a 'mouchette', and one passes it, delicately, outside the pipe, at the level of the pavilion, without forgetting behind the ears, a place where, with small folds, there is a risk of maceration.

    After each feed, each bottle, or after a regurgitation, it is thought to wipe the mouth of the toddler.

    From 2 - 3 years old: wash while having fun

    As the child grows up, the easiest way is to remind him to wash his face at the same time as brushing his teeth: morning and evening. Acting as a mimic, it is important to show your child and even wash their face with him.

    To encourage him, we can offer him a small washcloth at the size of his hand (those for adults are much too big), puppet-shaped, with an animal head (panda, cat, frog...). We think of changing it daily.

    So that the toilet is a playful moment, you can also use a rhyme that will help the child to cooperate: 'two eyes to look at, a mouth to chat, a nose to breathe, two ears to shoot' or 'I have two ears to hear and understand, I have a small round nose for trail which is good, my mouth is to taste what is salty, what is sweet. I have two eyes to look from all sides.

    And whether it's for the toddler or the bigger child, after the cleansing of the face, to limit the drying due to limestone water, wind or cold, we do not forget the moisturizer, calendula that is soothing.

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