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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    Complexion, taste, breath... All that the stopping of the cigarette will change for you

    Complexion, taste, breath... All that the stopping of the cigarette will change for you

    Hair, nails, skin and even taste buds... On the occasion of the Month without tobacco, review of what is improved by breaking with cigarettes. 

    By mid-November, more than 200,000 participants are trying out the annual Month Without Tobacco campaign, and you may be part of it. To motivate you to continue your efforts, know that as soon as we stop smoking, it is the whole organization that thanks us. And this quickly: "From the first days, since we can see the positive effects," says Joseph Osman, a tobacco expert and president of the French Office of Health and Wellbeing at work (OFT council). So what is happening in our body when we decide to quit smoking?

    The breath, after six hours

    While there is obviously no general rule for blowing, Joseph Osman is very optimistic: "When you stop smoking, the carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke is naturally eliminated. six hours later. This is a very good thing because it prevents the body from getting oxygen well. By stopping the cigarette, "the fibers of the bronchial cleaning system - until then paralyzed - will begin to grow back. This causes a slight sore throat but can however find a body almost new, "adds the tobacco expert.

    The benefits of non-smoking days depend, of course, on each smoker. "When you're young, you're more likely to find an intact breath compared to an older person," says the tobacco expert. And "even though carbon monoxide can be quickly eliminated, you're never safe from a cardiovascular event. This substance has a tendency to thicken the blood, which hinders its good circulation, and is deposited on the walls of the arteries. This will inevitably obstruct them, "warns the professional.

    The taste, in a few days

    Even if we do not always realize it, our taste is profoundly altered by smoking. "Each person has between 8,000 and 9,000 taste buds, and more than 500,000 sensory sensors. When smoking, they have trouble distinguishing between sweet and salty, or bitter acidity. Smoking also causes inflammation that diminishes our food sensations, and its pronounced flavor transforms the taste of food, "says Joseph Osman.

    This is how the smoker smears or more sugar his plates to make up for the lack. A bad habit that can however be easily eliminated: "When you stop smoking you can find all of your taste buds in just a few days. They regenerate very quickly, and we will thus much more appreciate what we eat, "says the tobacco expert.

    A better complexion, in a few days

    Smoking causes a gray complexion, bags under the eyes, deep wrinkles but also pimples. "If we stop smoking a few days or even weeks, we will see a clear evolution. If skin quality improves, stopping smoking also reduces skin diseases such as psoriasis, "says Joseph Osman.

    Less dull hair, in a few weeks

    "When we smoke cigarettes on cigarettes, it damages hair keratin (a protein present in the hair, hair, and nails, Ed), and they become dull, even brittle. In heavy smokers, there is even a massive loss of hair. These effects dissipate within a few weeks after stopping smoking, "says Joseph Osman. This also applies to brittle nails and yellowing of the fingers.

    Lungs, between 5 and 20 years old

    They are the biggest victims of tobacco. "Smoking a pack a day is like putting one or two pots of tar on your lungs every day. If you have been smoking for one or two years, it will take six months to disappear. A decade or more of tobacco, requires 5 to 20 years to find almost new lungs, says Joseph Osman. As for the cardiovascular system, "it becomes functional again in one to three years".

    The specialist adds that it is essential "to consult a health professional from the moment one feels difficulty in making an effort". A warning that applies to all smokers. If some of the side effects of smoking are reversible, the risks of illness remain very real.

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