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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    Choosing your bed: the obstacle course?

    Choosing your bed: the obstacle course?

    Choosing a good mattress is very important. It is thanks to him that you will be able to improve your sleep and overcome some ills. It is important to rely on the advice of professionals to find happiness!

    A mattress yes, but which one?

    Faced with the number of brands and models present on the bedding market, and today online testifies sites such as, choose a mattress can be a real obstacle course . You have to keep in mind that this product, which represents an investment, will follow you for many years. It is therefore better to immediately eliminate the first prices if your purchase concerns your daily bed.

    Second step, be attentive to his needs. If you suffer from the back, you will for example turn to a firm mattress or even a mattress pad that will provide the necessary support for your spine. If, on the other hand, there are other things that make you suffer during the night, the foam and latex mattresses are perfect because they reduce pressure.

    Are you more sensitive to allergies? Place on pocket spring mattresses, the most sold model currently, which allows a good ventilation thanks to its cells and an excellent ventilation. Opt also why not for natural materials, such as rubber that is a material known for its stability, its hypoallergenic side and scares away germs or other germs.

    If you sleep in pairs, but the difference in weight with your partner is important, it is better to choose a large mattress, at least 160 but ideally 180 cm, because each will have adapted features. The memory foam mattresses are also a good compromise, they offer a real support and a better firmness.

    To each model its criterion

    Once you have determined your needs based on your body, you can already perform an important sort.

    It remains to be interested in the technical characteristics of the latest models. It can be the density, which varies from 25 kg / m3 to 60 kg / m3 (the more foam and the firmer the mattress).

    One can also think about the length and the width of the product, the mattress must always exceed your size of 15 cm for a perfect comfort. Finally, the question of price remains, but again, do not forget that this is a real investment, which deserves a little effort!

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