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  • Sunday, November 3, 2019

    Beard & Barbier: a phenomenon that is growing !

    Beard & Barbier: a phenomenon that is growing !

    Abandoned in the 80s, the beard made its comeback in the years 2010. For the past 5 years, the world of men's fashion is witnessing a dazzling return to the forefront of beards of all lengths, but also the craft barber who redores his coat of arms and is now a place of choice.

    Beard, a trend that pleases

    Fashion and aesthetics are no longer the plume of women. Men are more and more attentive to their appearance. They now have their own line of clothing, their own brand of cosmetics and of course, a multitude of stylish and stylish looks.

    The beard is still trend in 2018. Better, it is not an ephemeral fashion that is just passing since it is visibly more and more followers. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling and Ben Affleck have adopted the famous "three-day beard". Barbershops show a sharp increase in their attendance rate in recent years.

    To build customer loyalty and make the barber's half-hour a pure pleasure, the salons provide various beauty services giving birth to the term "hairdresser-barber". This versatile professional is able to cut a beard with precision perfectly adapted to each form of face.

    Barbier, a profession that is constantly renewed

    Since his comeback in 2010, the barber is a profession that does not stop to surprise and strives to stay up to date. This vintage craft that reuses traditional cutting methods has developed new services for its target clientele. Not to mention the beauty brands that are gambling and offer ranges of products for beards and hair.

    On the service side, making appointments online is without a doubt the most important revolution for barbers. Now, online booking tools such as Planity are dedicated to facilitate the management of appointments. The platform allows to find in a few clicks a barber shop near his home and make an appointment directly online.

    Side home and customer experience, the style of barbers is even more striking. Men like to frequent these timeless establishments where you can be pampered and experience the old-fashioned shave while sipping a beer or watching a football match.

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