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  • Friday, November 29, 2019

    4 myths about hair loss

    4 myths about hair loss

    Baldness affects many people, yet false beliefs about it are still widespread. 

    A large part of the male population on the planet, as well as a slightly smaller percentage of women, are affected by hair loss at some point in their lives. This "problem", mainly aesthetic, may be very widespread, it remains associated with several tenacious myths.

    There is nothing to do

    Although baldness is common and there is still no cure 100% effective, you can still act. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice on available medications. And in some cases, a surgical solution of hair transplantation may be considered.

    Frequent washes and hats make them fall

    No scientific proof has been put forward concerning a link between hair loss and frequent washing, so it is useless to limit ourselves to the number of showers. The same goes for caps and hats: there is no evidence that they would promote baldness. The only exception is cases of extremely dirty hair, because covering one's head could cause an infection, says Medical Daily.

    Men are the only ones concerned

    Baldness is more common among men, but this problem also affects a large number of women. There are several reasons for this: genetics, health problems such as anemia or thyroid problems, pregnancy, etc. Hair styles such as tight ponytails and the use of harmful chemicals can also weaken hair and cause hair loss.

    Genetics do not deceive

    Hair loss is a polygenetic trait, which means that it is not caused by a single gene, but by a random combination of many genes within extended family members. If one of your parents or grandparents is bald, the risk for you is present, but not certain.

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